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Ryan Uzilevsky + Oliver Davies of Light Harvest Studio

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About the Artist

Ryan Uzilevsky, CEO and Creative Director of Light Harvest Studio, was born and raised in San Francisco in a family of musicians, artists, and nature enthusiasts centered around the live music and independent film scenes in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a young adult he studied sculpture and filmmaking at San Francisco State University before deciding to relocate and start his career in New York as an independent film director. In NYC he helped produce commercial events for several large agencies and clients, becoming an innovator in the use of large scale AV technology and live visual effects; setting a path to fuse filmmaking with immersive live experiences.

Currently, he is now a guest lecturer and research collaborator at NYU Tisch School of the Arts as well as UCLA's Design Media Arts. He is an exhibition and film festival curator, a designer, a builder, and the founder/creative director of world renowned multi-media collective Light Harvest Studio.

Oliver Davies, has over a decade of experience in art and engineering. He excels in software engineering, design, and innovation. Passionate about solving complex problems, Oliver creates visual magic with technology, specializing in large-scale art, games, and interactive media.

About the Work

"Sky Waves"

San Francisco is a city positioned within a unique oceanic environment. The city is surrounded by dramatic tidal dynamics, temperature fluctuations, nutritional currents, and powerful waves. 'Sky Waves' is a piece of video art that attempts to bring the magic of San Francisco's powerful ocean waves all the way up to the 1000 foot height of the Salesforce tower.