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Core District Services

Neighborhood Cleaning 

  • Attention to detail is our thing! The Downtown SF Partnership (DSFP) Cleaning Team works tirelessly to ensure the sidewalks and public spaces stay clean and inviting. Starting their day at 6 AM, Cleaning Ambassadors tackle trash and litter removal and prepare the district before shops and businesses open. Our cleaning services are supplemental to baseline services provided by the City and County of San Francisco paid by property assessments to also include; graffiti abatement, power washing and steam cleaning, and hazardous waste removal. 
  • Cleaning services operate from 6 am - 8 pm daily
Keeping the neighborhood clean

TerraCycle Cigarette Recycling Containers

  • Seeing fewer unsightly butts in the District? TerraCycles are to thank. Learn more about the Downtown SF Partnership's cigarette recycling program. 
  • The Downtown SF Partnership installed TerraCycles throughout the District during the summer of 2021. These collection containers are part of a recycling program, allowing cigarette waste to be converted into a variety of industrial products, such as plastic pallets, and any remaining tobacco to be converted into compost. Not only is this an environmentally sustainable effort, but it keeps cigarette butts off the Districts streets and sidewalks, too!
  • To request a TerraCycle for your property or business, email
TerraCycle Cigarette Recycling Container

Community Safety 

  • At the forefront of the Downtown SF Partnership’s safety efforts are Community Engagement Ambassadors; visible and engaged members of the team who observe, advise, and report quality of life issues throughout the Financial District and Jackson Square. They are the eyes and ears of the district for businesses and property owners and can be seen wearing Downtown branded uniforms. Their duties are performed by walking, riding a bicycle, or a T3 Patroller Scooter. Community Engagement Ambassadors offer a friendly helping hand to those in need, either by providing directions to a nearby restaurant or public transportation, or even safely escorting workers to their vehicles.
  • Community Engagement Ambassadors operate from 6 am - 8 pm daily
Meet our Clean and Safe team!


  • The Downtown SF Partnership continues to advocate for better traffic management during peak commute times. SFMTA Traffic Control Officers assist in getting cars safely out of downtown at the intersection of Bush, Battery, and Market Streets 4-5 days per week depending on demand and availability. As people return to work, we support the use of public transportation to ease vehicular traffic throughout downtown.

Public Realm & Beautification

  • Downtown San Francisco is filled with major streets and alleys shadowed by rich historical infrastructure dating back to the Gold Rush. We partner with the business community, City departments, residents and other stakeholders to define a public realm vision and implement physical improvements, programming and activations to make the district a welcoming, attractive and vibrant destination.

Marketing & Media

  • Downtown SF is the historic heart and economic core of San Francisco, and we work to promote the many institutions, restaurants, businesses, and retail shops that make our district one of the top visited destinations in the city. DSFP manages the website, social media channels which reach over 40,000 accounts annually, and publishes a regular e-newsletter that is delivered to businesses located in the district boundaries and public subscribers.