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Public Open Spaces in Downtown San Francisco

Upon first blush, downtown San Francisco may seem a modern canyon dominated by sleek skyscrapers and revered architecture, but dig just below the surface and you’ll find our footprint punctuated with plentiful pocket parks and public places of respite that go by a peculiar name, POPOS! The City of San Francisco terms POPOS as “privately owned public spaces”, which are publicly accessible places such as atriums, plazas, small parks and terraces that are provided and maintained by private developers, yet open to the public during designated hours.

This funny-sounding nomenclature provides for restorative points of rest, relaxation and quiet contemplation among the hustle and bustle of a thriving downtown, and you’re invited to seek respite and enjoy a moment of serenity and greenery in any of the over-a-dozen “pocket park” POPOS beautifying our downtown district. All POPOS are indicated by signage at the location with the words “Public Open Space” inside a tree-like design, so you can identify them.