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Affiliate Services

Want to make the surrounding sidewalks of your property or business cleaner, safer, and more vibrant?

The Downtown SF Partnership now offers enhanced community cleaning and neighborhood safety services outside of the organization's 43-block district boundaries. Our goal is to enhance the downtown experience for all visitors, businesses, and residents through high-quality, reliable services. Let us be your one-stop shop partner.

Starting May 1st, One Maritime Plaza and the Port of San Francisco will be joining as members to receive affiliate services from the Downtown SF Partnership.

The Downtown SF Partnership offers a wide variety of support, and we work with each of our partners to insure they are getting the right combination of services for their properties:

Cleaning Ambassadors

Keeping our neighborhood streets clean

Services Provided:

  • Litter collection and disposal
  • Sidewalk sweeping
  • Graffiti removal and prevention
  • Overflowing trash in City bins

Pressure Washing

Powerwashing the grime away

Services Provided:

  • High-pressure cleaning of sidewalks, alleys, and public spaces
  • Responding to spills, stains and biohazards needing immediate servicing
  • Specialized cleaning for gum and other adhesives

Safety Ambassadors

Our Safety Ambassadors

Services Provided:

  • Patrolling public areas to ensure safety and security
  • Providing information and directions to the public
  • Providing safety escorts for employees and visitors to vehicles or locations within the district
  • Acting as a liaison with local law enforcement and unsheltered outreach services
  • Reporting and responding to safety concerns


Services Provided:

  • Public space beautification and activation (greening, lighting, and public programs)


  • Complete the interest form to help us identify your specific needs. DSFP will then provide a custom proposal for review and consideration.
  • Services will be scheduled and billed monthly.
  • Custom packages and pricing available for businesses with multiple properties.
  • Feedback and performance reviews will be conducted to ensure satisfaction.
  • Quarterly operations reports provided with photos, data, and metrics.

Complete the interest form:

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For more information or to request services, please contact Robbie Silver at