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Public Open Space

525 Market St

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The new 525 Market Street Plaza to the west of the building tower is a crossroads for pedestrians moving from BART to the Transbay buildings and the east west path along Market Street. The central focus for the plaza and pedestrian activity is the 25-foot-wide ring of water standing mysteriously 5 feet high in the middle of the plaza. Viewed from Sutter Street or passing by on Market Street, the supporting acrylic rings are hidden under the flowing water, all of which is standing in a circle of rough-cut obsidian stones. Surrounding this are tables, chairs and umbrellas providing seating for the nearby restaurants such as Chipotle, Joe & The Juice, and Proper Food as well as general use for others. An expanded stairway on which people can sit leads upwards to the second-floor terrace which also provides outside seating and a more intimate garden setting and views across Market to neighboring buildings.


525 Market Street


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Public Open Space

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