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Rock On! | Jackie Chavez

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Rock On! Happy Hour series

03/21, 05/30, 08/22, 09/24 Featuring: Jackie Chavez, Guitarist (Pop/Filipino)

ABOUT: Born and raised in the Philippines, Jackie discovered her passion for music when her grandmother showed her the basics of guitar playing. she worked on teaching herself on how to pick up melodies and notes by ear and hasn't stopped ever since. Jackie describes herself as a versatile artist whose musical interests range from R&B to Country. She wants to be known for her original songs in both English and her native language, Tagalog. Jackie has amassed a following that adores her sweet nature and heartfelt renditions of today's popular music and OPM (Original Pilipino Music), with a voice and style that are easy on the ears.

Instagram: @jackieonguitar

YouTube: @jackieonguitar

Facebook: @jackieonguitar