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Adam LaBay of Precision Lasers

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About the Artist

Adam LaBay is a laser effect specialist based in California working on laser effects for TV, film, and live events. Clients include Windows 10, Childish Gambino, Angel City FC, and Metallica.

Using world class design, expert programming, high-end equipment and efficient operations we work hard to give you the best laser experience. We specialize in laser effects for TV, film, and live events and maintain an expansive inventory of laser equipment ready for quick deployment from our Los Angeles location. We operate globally and supply equipment and service everywhere.

About the Work

"Hyperion Monolith: A Monumental Fusion of Light and Architecture"

"Hyperion Monolith" is a massive-scale laser graphic installation that merges the realms of architecture, technology, and visual art to transcend the boundaries of traditional art forms and redefine urban landscapes. The Crown Zellerbach Building, a historical testament to human achievement and innovation, becomes a towering canvas for a captivating visual journey through a rich tapestry of emotions, narratives, and themes that skew reality using a hypnotic tapestry of shifting forms and colors. Through this fusion of scale and technology, the intent is to provoke contemplation, wonder, and a profound connection between the viewer and the urban environment, challenging conventional perceptions of art and the possibilities of urban spaces.