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About the Artist

Amandalynn is a Muralist and Fine Artist based in Northern California.  Inspired by the feminine in all things, Amandalynn depicts the subtle beauty of the natural world and humankind, through illustrated line work and decorative patterning. Her works can be found in Galleries and Streets all over the world. She began developing her distinct Street Art style mural work in 2001, painting alongside the graffiti community of San Francisco. Amandalynn is very passionate about her outdoor public mural work and still enjoys collaborating with a variety of different artists, as well as creating large solo works. Fine Art also plays a key role in Amandalynn's life, as she continues to develop her career as a professional gallery artist. She has a bachelor’s degree of Fine Art from the San Francisco Academy of Art, and recently has started teaching mural classes in schools ranging from pre school to high school. Amandalynn believes that sharing the creative process with others is the key to living an inspired life.

About the Work


Experiencing the magic of the winter holiday season in San Francisco can be a Wonderland of Magic if you know where to look. I have always loved the way San Francisco seems to twinkle a little brighter around the holidays. The class and style of the city is something of wonderment. This artwork piece is a celebration of movement, color, and light depicted through intermingling flora and fauna, all coming together like an elegant centerpiece or decorative garland, inviting viewers to gather and enjoy.