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Alessio Cassaro of Antaless Visual Design

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About the Artist

Antaless Visual Design was born in 2013, and is the result of the artistic and professional evolution of its CEO, Alessio Cassaro. With strong technical competences in the audio-visual field (gained in over 15 years of experience), numerous international awards and a boundless passion for the visual arts, Alessio is today the creative director of the studio. Under his careful guidance, a team of professionals, with multidisciplinary production skills, collaborates synergistically to create innovative, immersive and mind-blowing multimedia experiences. Specialized in architectural mapping, Alessio has rewritten the geometries and volumes of some of the world’s architectural heritage, and has painted imaginative worlds in support of multimedia shows, concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, commercial and institutional events.

About the Work


Color is not only a property of the object, it depends on the type of light to which the object is exposed and is closely linked to the way in which surfaces react to light. 

Sometimes it absorbs light, sometimes it reflects it. The vision of colors constantly influences the vision of the organism that reacts to external light stimuli. The graphic project deals with the themes of the nature of light.

Are they waves, particles, or both?