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Duncan Rogoff

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About the Artist

Duncan Rogoff is a self-taught animator and motion graphics artist that has worked independently and collaboratively with some of the world’s biggest brands ranging from Charles Schwab and Sephora, to Nissan, PlayStation, and Apple.

Rogoff started out as a video editor telling stories in iMovie on his mom’s iMac. With a love of short-form content such as commercials, music videos and movie trailers, he set out to learn how people were creating moving images when he noticed motion graphics, and then 3D, becoming more and more integrated into the post-production workflow over the years

Rogoff constantly pushes himself to learn new tools and software in order to better serve his clients, his own work, and to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving environment. He recently began taking a dive into the NFT community where he continues to be amazed by the constant exposure to talent, support and beautiful, thoughtful art. Currently, Rogoff is working on creative pieces in addition to leading his own 3D generative project.

About the Work

This year my work is heavily inspired by concert visuals. This will allow me to create depth on the buildings and really make them GLOW. I hope to bring a sense of fun and excitement to anyone who has the opportunity to see this year’s event.