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George Berlin

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About the Artist

George Berlin Studios creates “Music for Your Eyes” with artfully immersive experiences that charm, endear, and delight with inspired narrative and a powerful pull into playful fun.

George is an award-winning director of truly unique aesthetic with a standout style enjoyed around the world. He’s celebrated home and togetherness with an epic love story projected in Sydney, ignited Art on theMart - the world’s largest permanent digital display- with the fiery passion of Frida Kahlo, debuted a global series of stories on learning to love the Earth, and performed his visuals with a live orchestra in Chicago.

He's competed against the best in the world at iMapp Bucharest, won “Audience Favorite” Award at Seattle’s Borealis Festival of Light, and wowed millions at BLINK Cincinnati, the largest light festival in America.

About the Work

"Winter Wonder" is a musical adventure into the magic and awe of winter- filled with twinkles of snow, pops of energy, and all the things we love about this chilly time of year.

Designed to dance along with an amazing soundscape by Twink the Toy Piano Band, you'll be all smiles as you enjoy winter wonder.