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Jérémie Bellot with AV Extended

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About the Artist

His work questions the role of light in lived and perceived space through immersive audiovisual projects. Nourished by polyhedral geometry and mathematical arts, he offers a new perception of space while questioning our relationship to architectural and natural heritage. 

Originally from Orléans, Jérémie Bellot studied Cinema as well as Architecture studies in Grenoble then Strasbourg, he became State Architect and devoted himself to his artistic practice. Architect and digital artist, co-founder of the AV-Exciters collective in 2012, specializing in architectural projection mapping and light installations, Jérémie Bellot is also co-founder of Strasbourg’ Fab Lab AV Lab opened in 2013.

Since 2014 he has been the artistic director of SAS AV Extended and works with Anne Sophie Acomat within Studio DAAO on the development of micro-architecture and furniture design. In 2019, he founded the « Ateliers Eclairés », Makerspace in Strasbourg and is president of the association; the same year, he became curator for the festival Constellations in Metz. In 2020, he co-founded the project « Château de Beaugency, Digital Art Center » and ensures its programming and artistic direction.

About the Work

This year, Jérémie Bellot provides two unique pieces as part of our festival:

1. « Morphing Statuaire » from AV Extended
Location: Landing at Leidesdorff, 565 Commercial St.

The projection of statues onto building facades as part of the 'Morphing Statuaire' project represents an artistic exploration that transcends the boundaries of traditional sculpture to reveal the depth of human perception and the ephemeral nature of reality.

These projections evoke the philosophy of appearance and reality, highlighting the duality between the material world and ideal forms. Statues, often perceived as representations of aesthetic perfection, become moving shadows, fleeting reflections projected onto the building's surface. They thus embody the fragility of beauty, the way it can be altered by perspective and light. 

The integration of Platonic solids within these projections adds a further philosophical dimension. These pure geometric forms, which have captivated minds since antiquity, are projected onto the modern urban fabric, creating a dialogue between the old and the new, the abstract and the tangible.

2. « Crystal Reflection » from AV Extended 
Location: Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, 301 Pine St.

Crystal and water are powerful symbols of transformation, clarity and purity. In philosophy, water is often considered the foundation of life and the mirror of the soul. It is changeable, like human nature, and its ability to take on many forms (liquid, solid, vapor) evokes the different states of  existence.

The snowflake, a unique yet ephemeral pattern, represents individuality and impermanence. The fractal patterns found in nature are reminders of the complexity and order that exist at all scales of life. They remind us that the whole universe is interconnected, where the small reflects the large and vice-versa.

Reflection is a powerful philosophical motif, often used to explore themes of identity, reality and perception. Light, as the vehicle for this reflection, can symbolize knowledge, enlightenment and truth. The interplay between light and reflection raises questions about what is real, what is an illusion, and how we perceive our environment and ourselves.