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Kalani Ware

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About the Artist

Kalani Ware is a multidisciplinary artist from Oakland, CA, with roots in Hawai'i. He creates, experiments, and explores his creativity in color. He strives to create works that will inspire others. The variation of colors, shapes and textures he uses not only represents the diverse and multicultural society we live in, but our connection to nature and each other.

About the Work

This piece is special to me because it forces me to step outside of my comfort zone. I made several different pieces for this project, in various styles and for the first time it challenged me to merge all 3 pieces to create a unique story. This is also my first time collaborating with an animator, so I'm excited to see the outcome. It's a shared experience for myself and the animator to collaborate and exchange ideas to make this a unique experience for everyone to see.

My inspiration stems from my travels. Recently traveling to Tahiti, hiking through the tropical rainforest and swimming under majestic waterfalls. I'm also inspired from my time camping in Washington, waking up to seeing the snow falling amongst tall, endless rows of trees. I reflected on these memories during the creation of this piece.

I hope the audience smiles and finds happiness in my work. My life's mission as an artist is to inspire others, spread love and positivity through my creativity.