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Kati Angelov

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About the Artist

Her is focus is on projection mapping, motion design and animation. Kati has extensive education in the field animation, having earned an MFA in Animation and Digital Arts from the School of Cinematic Arts at USC, as well as a BLA in liberal arts from the Evergreen State College in Washington. Her animated shorts have been screened on public television and have been the official selection of Annecy and Zagreb International Animation Festivals as well as several others. Her projection design class at Cypress College was the first class providing a single focus on projection mapping offered at a community college level in the USA. 

Kati is very interested in emerging new technologies. She loves exploring the unique ways that new tools can be used to create engaging and interesting visual experiences. She is an enthusiastic proponent of interdisciplinary work and loves the creativity that comes from working together. She believes that collaboration leads to innovative ideas and helps to create more cohesive and dynamic projects. Projection mapping is the perfect venue for her, where art and technology combines to reshape the mundane into magical new worlds.

About the Work

1. Animals

Location: Landing at Leidesdorff, 565 Commercial St.

The concept is inspired by the winter animal world. A magical winter landscape accompanies the journey from the South Pole to the North Pole, featuring different animals in winter background along the way. 

2. Frozen Water

Location: Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, 301 Pine St.

Designed around the snowflake and ice concept, the basic focus of the projection design is looking closely at the beauty of snow and frozen water particles from a microscopic level.

3. Plants

Location: Hobart Building, 582 Market St.

The visual motif is nature displaying plants in winter settings with bursts of light and particles to capture the feeling of joy and celebration.