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About the Artist

Limelight is an artist collective that has been creating light art installations for over 20 years. They offer turn-key solutions for light art installations at any scale, around the world. Limelight’s focus is on large scale architectural projection mapping, and they have worked with cities and corporate clients to deliver public works, available to all. Limelight’s founders and artists now teach and mentor young talents in their Limelight Masterclass program. They also host their own light festival, and curate thematic light art experiences worldwide.

About the Work

Follow the Fox is a winter wonderland adventure celebrating light, nature and curiosity. The artwork is meant to be cheerful in nature, and aims to appeal to all ages. The goal is to have a foundation of a familiar, winter journey that then dazzles with architectural projection mapping transitions. We are excited to work on the Pacific Stock Exchange, a building with a unique and beautiful façade that provides an exciting canvas to work with.