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Liquid PXL

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About the Artist

Liquid PXL is a Los Angeles-based group of artists, engineers and friends dedicated to creating fun and large-scale interactive art installations. Liquid PXL began with its first big art project at Burning Man in 2012, followed by its first music festival exhibit at Lucidity in 2013. Since then, they have completed 5 art installations with The Sea Urchin and were awarded the 2016 Global Arts Grant from Burning Man and the 2019 Aquarium of the Pacific Grant. Most recently, Kukulkan’s Portal was awarded the 2020 Burning Man Honoraria Grant. Several of their led light installations have been exhibited at international light festivals.

About the Work

Marvel at the six whimsical 28 feet tall dandelion sculptures lighting up the night at Mechanics Monument Plaza. The geometric dandelion sculptures come to life at night as the mesmerizing LED animations captivate with their endless firework display.