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About the Artist

Maxin10sity was born of the team’s passion and intensity. Those at Maxin10sity possess both a deep passion for projection mapping and an intensity to find new forms of creative design in artistic ideas, modern technology, award-winning expertise and international business practices. Maxin10sity has been active in the field of projection mapping for many years, and they have successfully satisfied the needs of all their customers looking for new creative designs. Aside from the “traditional” form of projection mapping on buildings, Maxin10sity also projects onto automobiles at their car mapping shows, as well as just about any other object you can think of. Their ideas and possibilities are endless, and they are deeply motivated to develop projection mapping further and further.

About the Work

On a cold winter's evening, when we hear the wind howling outside, shaking the snow off the pine trees. We fall asleep by the warm fireplace, and the spirit of winter pervades our dreams. Frozen palaces, a realm of ice magic, a ball of dancing snow crystals. I wonder what the bear can dream about in his winter sleep? Let's explore this wonderful winter fantasy world together.