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About the Artist

Creation of Maxin10sity is a result of our passion and intensity. Passion to projection mapping and intensity to find new forms of creative design. Maximum intensity in artistic ideas, modern technology, award-winning expertise and international business. We have been active in the field of mapping for many years and we have been successfully satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers, who look for new creative designs. Besides the “traditional” building mapping we create car mapping shows and projects onto any objects. Our ideas and possibilities are endless and this gives us a constant motivation to develop further and further.

About the Work

“Glacial Gates” 

As winter approaches, the days grow shorter and darker, yet still, winter is not merely about darkness. In our story, we embark on a quest deep within the harsh, icy forests and mysterious abandoned places to find the Spirit of Winter and release him from his prison. When we succeed in setting him free, he brings warmth and beauty back to the winter world, ultimately to confront the darkness enveloping the world.