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About the Artist

SPECTRE LAB is a creative studio specialized in immersive video, videomapping, 3D animation and interactive experience. We design and produce image shows (video and sound content). We propose customized productions for each project. Our creativity and know-how allow us to intervene at the heritage, event and corporate levels. Coming from various backgrounds, our team masters both the artistic and technical aspects of a project (concept, scenography, technical definitions, images, large-format projections).

About the Work

We chose to use paper as the central point of our narrative:

in fact the properties of paper are multiple:

You can fold it, crumple it, wrap it

It can be opaque, translucent, be a support (writing, painting)

It is light, fragile, flexible, smooth

We can play on its nature, its texture, its meaning.

Of course, light will play a very important role because it will orchestrate the narration by playing with our senses: sensation of projection, backlight, shadows, Chinese shadows...

Paper in what it conveys as meaning was not chosen by chance: it is often on paper that the most beautiful stories begin.... Once upon a time....