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The Fox, The Folks

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About the Artist

The Fox, The Folks is a multimedia artist team based in Bandung, Indonesia. We have been involved in various projects both domestically and internationally, and we specialize in 2D-style storytelling. We are determined to bring fun and fresh visuals to tell a tale that everyone can enjoy, and our work is not limited to animation but also includes video mapping, stage visuals, advertisements, and other forms of visual storytelling.

We have received several awards, including the Asian Cinematography Award in 2019, the Grand Prize for Mapping From Home Indonesia in 2020, the Grand Prize and the Audience Award of One Minutes Projection Mapping Competition in Tokyo, Japan in 2021, and the First Prize Winner of Schlosslichtspiele 2022 in Karlsruhe, Germany. We have been invited to various international events, hoping to inspire the world with our distinct and authentic visual storytelling.

About the Work

"True to Hue"

"True to Hue" is a profound journey through contrasting landscapes, with a girl navigating a culture that challenges her nature. Fueled by dreams over pleasure, it reaches beyond the clouds to illuminate dreamers. In a world of equality, plurality, and magic, over the Golden Gate, opportunities glisten like golden rays, inviting her to claim its crown. 

Despite obstacles attempting to bring her down, she resists, insists, bounces, and boosts until she breaks the dawn. With her frosty touch, let her shimmer and shiver through the crowds. Like a winter sunrise breaking through the icy dawn, express her true colors, uniquely brilliant. Let her unique shine resonate; the spirits of the Queen of winter are limitless, bringing tears to the land, jumping over joy, and crying out in excitement.