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Best Asian Restaurants in Downtown San Francisco

San Francisco is home to some of the best Asian restaurants in the world. Tracing their beginnings to generations of Asians and Asian Americans who were the basis of the burgeoning port city of old San Francisco, Asian influence on our city has a long, tenured and undoubtedly tasty history here in Downtown San Francisco! Some of our top local Asian faves include:


Katsu-Ya — 380 Bush Street

Located in the International Food Court, Katsu-ya serves up Japanese style katsu, curry, karaage, cheese balls, corn dogs, egg rolls, rice, sandos and more. This hip twist on traditional Japanese fare is an East-meets-West favorite around town. 

Tokyo Hot Chicken

Tokyo Hot Chicken — 101 California Street

This Michaell Mina concept imbues bold flavors you’ll love to savor. An outstanding marriage of Nashville hot chicken and traditional Japanese flavors and ingredients, you’re sure to find a winner with this pop-up concept. From buckets to tenders to a handheld togarashi chicken snacker, the dipping sauces are the move you don’t wanna miss, and their sides are out of this world to boot.

Yank Sing

Yank Sing — 101 Spear Street

Located in the Rincon Center Lot (Propark), Yank Sink has been serving up world-class dim sum since 1958. A favorite among San Francisco locals and visitors alike, sink your teeth into contemporary and traditional dim sum, like buns and dumplings, satay and seared veggies, fresh seafood, noodles, tofu and more. Their menu specials and desserts are equally as craveable and will satisfy any foodie or diner in the district.

Yilan Bento

YiLan Bento — 653 Clay Street.

Located near the Transamerica Pyramid (Clay & Montgomery) and just steps from San Francisco’s famed Chinatown, this Taiwanese eatery offers tasty and affordable fare that’s perfect for a quick lunch or late afternoon snack. Explore their menu including chicken, pork or beef rice dishes, handily-snackable cutlets, fish balls and spring rolls, dumplings, buns and waffle fries. Add a traditional braised egg or friend egg or kimchi onto any order and don’t miss their world-class selections of satisfying beverages like fruit teas, milk slushes, lattes and more.

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